Blog List and Summary

A Range of High Quality Probiotics that are also good value for money


An introduction to MicroLife probiotics, a NEW range of great value high potency probiotics manufactured in the UK.

Antioxidants, Oxidation and Free Radicals made simple


A simple explanation of the basic principles of antioxidants.

What are Amino Acids?


An explanation of the different types of  Amino Acids, how they are important for health.

Vitamin B complex


An explanation of the B Vitamins and how they benefit the body

Vitamin B12


Vitamin B12 is an important vitamin that is only contained in certain foods and is difficult to consume enough on a vegan diet.

All about enzymes

Enzymes have an important role to play in body health, find out more about them.

The truth about health through proper diet and nutrition

Some facts about diet and nutrition and the role it has in health.

More than a bad taste in the mouth- part one


More than a bad taste in the mouth- part 2, antioxidants


More information on Spirulina.

All About Vitamin A


All you need to know about this important vitamin.

This is a pain in your feet


Indications of poor circulation and some possible natural remedies

Secrets of Illness- are you lacking antioxidants in your diet?


More important information about antioxidants and the importance for your health.


The secrets of illness, fats that heal and fats that kill.


Not all fats are bad for you, some are really good for you if you do not go mad on them.

Everything about probiotics that you forgot to ask.


More information about probiotics.

Is malnutrition killing you.?


It is possible to be eating well and still be malnourished. Find out how.

How to REALLY get all of your nutrients from food.


It is possible to obtain all of your vital nutrients from a balanced diet, providing yu design your diet carefully and source your food properly.



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