A Range of High Quality Probiotics that are also good value for money

 What are MicroLife probiotics?

MicroLife is a new range of high potency probiotics that compare in potency and quality to any of the market leaders in probiotic supplements. The difference with MicroLife is the price, in other words the benefits are comparable with, for example , Natren, but at much less cost.

How is the low cost achieved?

Well for one things many brands of probiotics are inflated in price, we do not do that. Some brands are also manufactured abroad and imported into the UK as fully prepared and packaged products. This vastly increases importation and shipping costs. In the case of MicroLife the high quality powder is imported in bulk and shipped in refrigerated containers to preserve the live organisms. Then the formulas are created and it is packaged right here in the UK. This greatly lowers the cost which is passed onto the customer WITHOUT affecting quality.

What  types of Probiotics are in the MicroLife range.

There are a few types of Probiotic bacteria on the market, but the main ones, the ones that appear to give the most benefit are Acidophilus, Bifidus and Bulgaricum. Acidophilus and Bifidus are available widely as a supplement and are also present in some yogurts and yogurt drinks, Bulgaricum is difficult to create as a supplement and therefore usually is of poor quality and potency. It is Bulgarian style yogurts are rich in this probiotic.

In addition to the three types of probiotics there are different strains of these probiotics and some are better than others.

Why do we recommend the MicroLife range?

There are a nbumber of reasons why we recommend the MicroLife on the Best Probiotics website, even though it is new and it might be easier to offer a more well known brand.

  1. Value for money:

As explained above, we strive to keep costs down without skimping on quality.

  1. Potency

The MicroLife range uses the most potent probiotics in it’s products. For example, the Acidophilus supplements use the DDS1 strain of Acidophilus, Each of the capsules in both the Acidophilus and Bifidus supplement provide 4 billion viable organism. The DDS1 strain has been proven to survive well in the gut, meaning more of the valuable probiotic reaches your digestive system.

  1. Absorption

MicroLife probiotics use the most absorbable strains of probiotics, without using gimmicks like coating the ingredients in oil like some other brands.

  1. Potent formulasAll of the MicroLife range is potent but the the Advanced Micro Formula, which is the most potent formula uses contains over 15 billion live organisms per capsule. The formula also includes a prebiotic, Vitamin C and L-Glutamine that works in harmony with probiotics to improve digestion. It also contains Acidophilus DD1 strain and 3 different strains of Bifidus. Colostrum Plus is a potent formula of colostrum with probiotics.
  1. Pure prodducts

The MicroLife range contains no preservatives, no gluten, no additives and is GMO free. It uses a vegetable cellulose capsule that make the range suitable for vegetarians.

What are the formulas exactly?

All of this information is available here.

All in all I  strogly recommend this probiotic range if you are interested in probiotic supplements.


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I run a website in which I have selected what are, in my opinion, the best health supplements on the market. I supply to the whole of Europe. I blog about health issues, and specific supplements I run. I make a little money from selling these suppelements but am not making a fortune, I believe pasionately in the benefits of high quality health supplements but do need to cover my expenses.
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