What are Amino Acids?

It is quite common to see Amino Acids sold as a health supplement but many people do not understand what amino acids are and why it would be beneficial to take them as a supplement. I will attempt to explain.

Amino Acids are the building blocks of proteins. The when we eat food containing protein, the body breaks the protein down and utilises the amino acids to form all sorts of proteins for a huge number of bodily functions. While we usually only associate proteins with the building of muscles this is only a small part of their story. Thousands of very surprising chemical processes depend on proteins, and you probably did not realise just how much more tha the bodily structure consists of protein.

There are eight types of protein in the body, which are:


Hormones trigger chemical processes in the body. They are secreted by the glandular system and are proteins. The most well known example of this is Insulin, which is a type of protein.as are all hormones.


Enzymes are p[roteins that accelerate chemical processes in the body. They help with processes like blood clotting and the most well known examples digestive enzymes.


These are also called “fibrous proteins” this is the most wello known type of protein and includes the muscles, skin, collagen (the connective tissue in skin) and keratin as the most well known examples.


Antibodies and White Blood cells are examples of. these


These mainly store essential mineral ion in the body for later use.


These transport vital materials to the cells. Haemoglobin is a protein, tis transports oxygen around the blood stream


These proteins control what enters and leaves the cells, some of them activate enzymes.



Control the speed and frequency of heart muscle contactions.

So as you can see practically every part of the body, every organ and every function depends in some way on proteins, that require complex combinations of amino acids to be formed by the body. Although amino acids are split into essential and non essential amino acids very little research has been done on what they actually do. It is thought there are around 500 different amino acids in the body, all ensuing the proper functioning of our complex systems.

I hope this helps to explain what this supplement is and how it might help you.




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