Vitamin B12

vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin found in eggs milk cheese milk products meat fish shellfish and poultry, some foods are enriched with vitamin B12. It is a true vitamin in that it cannot be made by the body and must be obtained from food.

Vegans and some vegetarians often suffer a deficiency in vitamin B12 as the richest sources are all animal products that are not eaten by vegans. Some vegetarians may also need to supplement with this vitamin if they exclude dairy products from their diet.

Vitamin B12 is involved with red blood cell formation, cell function, and DNA synthesis it is also involved in the proper functioning of many other processes in the human body.

A common result of deficiency in vitamin B12 is a form of anaemia .Another potential health condition resulting from a deficiency of vitamin B12 is atrophic gastritis, this is a thinning of the stomach lining resulting in problems with digestion. It has also been linked with other digestive diseases such as  Crohn’s Disease and Celiac Disease. Proper levels of B12 are needed for a properly functioning Immune System and may also be linked to other red blood cell related diseases.

Older people may find themselves with a deficiency of this vitamin as the body finds it harder to absorb it as a person gets older.

If you cannot consue the types of foods listed above, for whatever reasomn, or are having difficulty absorbing this vitamin because from food because of age, you may wish to supplement in order to prevent suffering from a deficiency.

If you have a reasonably healthy diet containing dairy products poultry, fish or shellfish you should have enough of this vitamin keep body healthy.

The deficiency diseases above are for information only, it ids nt intended as a diagnosis or recommendation for treatment of a medical condition. If you have any of these adverse health conditions or suspect you may be developing them you must consult a doctor.


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