This is a pain in the feet

If you are experiencing red toes, tingling in the extremities and soreness as well as unusual tiredness you may be suffering from impaired circulation.

Circulation is the common term for the Circulatory System. This is the bodily system that transports oxygen, lymph and nutrients to the organs and the rest of the body and carbon dioxide and waste products to the appropriate parts of the body for survival. The circulatory system consists of the heart, blood vessels and the blood. Malfunctioning of the circulatory system can cause the following symptoms; they are a result of insufficient oxygen and vital nutrients not reaching the areas of the body where they are needed.

Sharp pains, numbness or both and/or swelling and soreness in the extremities (the toes, fingers or penis). If you have no feeling in patches of these body parts then this is usually  sign of poor circulation. This can be dangerous as you can injure these parts and they can become infected without experiencing pain, pain being the warning signal.

Slow healing

Feeling chilled, needing lots of extra clothing or a much warmer room than you are used to.

ED (Erectile Dysfunction) or lack of sensitivity in the sexual organs for ladies.

Varicose veins

Extreme tiredness, despite plenty of rest or sleep.

Headaches (and you don’t knowingly suffer from migraines).

Blotches on the skin

Shortness of breath

Redness and soreness in the extremities (the toes, fingers or penis).

Important: Poor circulation and the above symptoms can themselves be a symptom of other more serious problems such as heart disease or diabetes, so please see your doctor first.

Lifestyle and dietary causes of poor circulation:


Long term lack of exercise

Too much processed food and saturated fats that can lead to blocked arteries.


Long term cramped working conditions or other lifestyle conditions that cause you to sit in a cramped condition.

Elevated blood sugar caused by too much refined carbohydrates in the diet (get a Diabetes check if this is the case).

Iron and protein deficiency, can cause shortage of oxygen in the cells.

Natural remedies:


Of course, if you smoke I would always advise you give that up. I am not going to go into the many health problems caused by this product, but it also impedes your circulation.


Failing to exercise for  a while won’t result in poor circulation but long term lack of exercise, even if your weight is normal will.

I am not talking here about going to the Gym twice a week. For improved circulation it does not need to be heavy exercise, it needs to be some sort of sustained movement, daily. Walk to work if you can, or get a bicycle. If work is too far away choose to walk or cycle to town or to fetch your lunch rather than drive. Walk briskly and ensure your heart is worked and you are a little breathless.  You don’t have to run a marathon or go on fifty mile bike rides (unless you want to), just 30 minutes of brisk exercise each day that works the heart and pumps the blood round the body.


We are all familiar with avoiding cakes and white bread, processed meats and fruit juice (the one that says “from concentrate”), so just get on with it. What may surprise you is that margarine, buttermilk spreads and “spreadable” butter are worse for you than eating real butter and using lard, as long as those two are used in moderation. Butter and lard are natural fats, they will clog the arteries if you eat too much but margarine, buttermilk spreads and spreadable butter are processed in such a way that the body cannot digest it well and these all clog the arteries. Eat fresh meat and vegetables and lots of raw vegetables and fruit.


Pretty obvious this one and the exercise will help as well. I can talk endlessly about the damage obesity does to your health.


This cannot be avoided, but make sure you do periodic leg stretching and walk about a little.


I am not talking here about elevated blood sugar related to Diabetes or pre-onset Diabetes; this is a serious condition that requires treatment. Blood sugar levels can also be chronically elevated by eating too much sugar or starch that converts to glucose in the system.  This impedes circulation and can cause chronic circulation problems

Curb the amount of refined sugar and starch ion your diet to prevent this and take exercise.

Those lifestyle changes should help with minor circulation problems and handle that tiredness and soreness etc. But there are also a few supplements that may help.

Ginkgo Biloba This is a herb that can be used to improve circulation, especially blood flow to the brain.

Capsicum Pepper (Cayenne Pepper) and Garlic. The best circulation booster is taking Cayenne or Capsicum pepper in combination with RAW garlic. They are both good circulation boosters as well as having other benefits but combined they are particularly good. Do not take garlic if you are on other heart medication as it is a potent blood thinner, so check with your doctor.

L-Arginine, this boosts Nitric Oxide which helps with circulation.

I hope this advice was useful.


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