The secrets of illness

ImageI am about to release a series of blogs called “the secrets of illness“. Now many people believe they know what the secrets of illness are.

Some will tell you that illness is under control but this is a little deceptive. What is under control is the management of many serious illnesses, the cure of some and early detection to manage them. In other words technology exists to detect illnesses early and certain treatments exist that can manage and sometimes cure conditions. The management and cures, such as chemotherapy and other pharmaceutical drugs frequently have serious side effects and cause a massive reduction in quality of life for those being treated. While these treatments save lives they never fully restore the person’s quality of life to what is was before.

While these treatments are vital when serious illness occurs, the question should be asked, what can be done to reduce the risk of the illness occurring in the first place? Research into this field is woefully inadequate. The Pharmaceutical industry is really only interested in turning a profit for it’s shareholders. The expensive treatments, drugs and technology are what they sell to make that profit, so they are likely to take little interest in illness prevention.

Simple prevention strategies do exist to reduce the risk of the big five killers which are: heart disease,stroke , cancer, lung and liver disease Other diseases that are manageable often cause misery and early death, Diabetes is an example of this. Now, I am careful to say “reduce the risk” because there is no treatment or preventative measure that can GUARANTEE you a long and healthy life. This is because illness is caused by six factors, some can be monitored and cured, others cannot, some you can take measures to reduce the risk, and sometimes there is is just not much you can do.

The six causes of illness are:

Parasitic organisms, including bacteria, viruses, parastic amoeba (like malaria), parasitic yeasts (like candida that leads to thrush).

Genetic: Genetic diseases like Hemophilia, Cystic Fibrosis etc, are caused by faulty, missing or malformed genes which are passed onto a child by their parents. Tiny anomalies or faults in your genes can also exist undetected, making a person more prone to illnesses or genes can be mutated by pathogens, poisons or radiation. Cancer can also a be classed as a malfunctioning of a genetic code

Poisoning: caused by the ingestion of contaminated air, water or food. This can of course be an immediate illness or one that can occur over many years or a lifetime, slowly poisoning the body and causing it to malfunction.

Mental or Spiritual problems: Lots of research shows that being unhappy, “depression” or anxiety can trigger illness.

Physical injury: An accident can cause damage that can be immediate or the impact can cause a slow malfunction of part of the body.

Poor Diet. Failing to give the body proper nutrition can cause illness. Eating too much of the wrong food causes obesity and Diabetes, eating too little and getting insufficient nutrition can make you sick. Eating enough but failing to eat the right foods can make you sick.

Parasitic organisms are more prone to affect a person in the presence of genetic defects, poisoning, physical injury, mental or spiritual problems or a poor diet or a combination of two or more of those factors.

Technology is being developed to deal with faulty genes, but avoiding poisons and a good diet can reduce the risk of mutations like cancer.

We live in a biochemical environment in the 21st century, poisons, artificial colourings, E numbers,pesticides, carbon monoxide and benzine are everywhere.; It is very difficulty to avoid, but regular detoxing and eating organic food and making sure your diet has plenty of nutrition can help reduce, but not entirely eradicate this problem.

Living a full and ethical life and stick to a good solid moral code will help prevent mental and spiritual problems, but there are also various other solutions on offer. Take your pick, it is not the purpose of this health blog to advise you on that.

Physical injury is always a risk but poor diet affects concentration and avoiding drugs and alcohol can reduce the risk of this. Unhappy people are also more prone to accidents.

Consume a good range of nutritious organic foods or add super food supplements to your diet to improve your nutritional intake to take advantage of a good diet to prevent illness.

By far the most common and serious of these causes of illness are poor diet and mental or spiritual problems. There is in fact some evidence that these can also cause genetic mutations and malfunctions. These two also weaken the immune system and the general health and strength of the person making them more susceptible to the effects of all the other and more likely to die. Of these two the one most like to make you sick are Mental; or Spiritual Problems.

So that is why I am interested in nutrition. It is one of the big two that help prevent illness and protect you against the other one. I will have something to say in my blogs about mental or spiritual problems as it is the most important and I will have some warning for you on that one. I might won’t be talking about solution on my blog as this is a health and nutrition blog, but the things that definitely DON’T work will be mentioned, this might help send you in the right direction, if you haven’t already got that one covered.

I hope you found this little summary interesting.


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