Is malnutrition killing you?

ImageiI am going to talk n this blog about a very alarming situation that exists that the government does not want to talk about.

Now this is not something I have discovered or invented, I don’t like to take for credit for something I have not done. Enter the words “Silent Malnutrition” into Google and you will find plenty of people talking about it but I wanted to put a different emphasis on it.

You have probably heard about “Silent Inflammation“. This is inflammation that creeps up slowly in the body and is often difficult to detect that results from poor diet and a lack of antioxidants. It causes all kinds of health problems in the long term including autoimmune diseases like Arthritis. Now that is handled by good diet and taking a powerful antioxidant like Astaxanthin.;

What is not talked about so much is “Silent Malnutrition”. Now I was shocked to see on the internet that this is only being used in relation to the Third World. You know, the usual patronizing western thing, those poor uneducated third world people can’t get enough food”. I am pretty sure I would find if I investigated that they have adopted the crummy western ways of producing food, you know exhausting the soil by growing it over and over again, therefore depleting it’s mineral and nutritional content. I suspect that, like many things in the third world, the problems stem from the imposition of western methods and values on the society I am not here to talk about the third world, I am here top talk about the problem that is right at home, If you think that malnutrition is a problem in “poor countries” think again. So I am coining this new term, “Silent Malnutrition” and I am going to start by defining it:

Silent: Producing no detectable signs or symptoms (the free online dictionary, definition 9).

Malnutrition: Poor nutrition because of an insufficient or poorly balanced diet or faulty digestion or utilisation of foods. (free online dictionary).

Now, I call it Silent malnutrition because a person can often go years before there is any obvious effect. I often see programs about guys that never eat vegetables and are perfectly healthy. Well they are not perfectly healthy the silent malnutrition will be slowly affecting him, it can often be undetectable by the usual medical tests.

The end results of long term Silent Malnutrition are y,Obesity which leads to heart disease high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer, but these can also occur long term without the external signs of obesity. When a person, who is slim and apparently healthy suddenly gets sick there can be a number of factors involved but Silent Malnutrition is one of the main suspects, or it combines with other factors such as genetic or environmental to considerably increase the risk of these diseases.

Malnutrition is a devastatingly simple concept. The most common place you see this is in poor countries where people cannot get enough food. The person cannot get enough food, lacks nutrients, gets thinner and thinner and dies. Of course the definition is broader than that, but malnutrition is most commonly seen in this way. In promoting their GM crops some companies like you to think that malnutrition and starvation occur because of the population outstripping the food supply, in actual fact this is not true. The causes of malnutrition and starvation are more commonly interruptions of the food supplies due to war or severe climatic conditions. Either the crops themselves cannot be grown or the logistics necessary to get the food to people cannot be achieved.

Silent Malnutrition is different, in the midst of plenty, in the midst of wealth people are malnourished, they are not getting anything near the nutrition needed for long term health and wellness.. Junk food, fast food, processed food, poor food growing methods, poor harvesting and poor storage are all prevalent in the Western World.

Probably 90% of people in the modern world have insufficient nutrition in their diet. To be healthy your diet needs to contain HIGH QUALITY protein, carbohydrates and fats. Without any of these in your diet or a serious deficiency then you die quickly. To maintain the bodily systems and the metabolism properly you need plenty of an extensive range of vitamins and minerals. To rid the body of toxic free radicals that are produced as a natural byproduct of normal metabolism you need especially the antioxidant vitamins and specialist carotenoids (plant colourings) that rid the body of these toxic chemicals and prevent many cancer mutations. You needs complex carbohydrates that help you establish colonies of pro-biotic bacteria in your stomach, so you can keep disease out and have healthy digestion. You need enzymes for digestion that mostly come from raw fruit, you need a whole array of these enzymes that are necessary for the thousands of metabolic processes the body engages in on a daily basis. You need amino acids for metabolic processes and to build and regenerate tissue. You need minerals that generate energy (electrolytes) and so on.

The only place you are going to get these nutrients is from food. Now you might be one of those tiny percentage of people that seem to be genetically predisposed to never getting sick despite bad eating habits, but that IS a tiny minority, the question to ask yourself is; do you really want to take that risk?

If your food is processed, junk food, non organic, badly grown, badly harvested (picked to early so it ripens en route rather than in the ground, a common practice) or badly stored, like well- most food nowadays, then here are some things you can do about it. This will make you feel healthier, have more energy and reduce your risk of long term illness from Silent Malnutrition. These are the 2 strategies:

  1. If you have the money, time and resources go on a completely organic diet. That is properly mature meat from animals fed on a natural diet free of hormones, antibiotics and pesticides. Choose locally grown organic fruit and vegetables that have been harvested when fully mature and grown in properly farmed and composted soil and herbicides and pesticides have not been used. In other words not intensively farmed as this takes all the minerals out of the soil and artificial fertislisers do not provide everything for a healthy plant. It costs more but it is worth it. Then eat a wide variety of meat and vegetables, meat should be about 25% of your diet, raw fruit and vegetables about 50% and cooked vegetables about 25%. Do that and you will offset Silent Malnutrition. The younger you start this in life the better, especially if you have had a bad diet all your life, as many people have.

  1. Add lots of fruit and vegetables to your diet from the supermarket to your diet but supplement with a good broad spectrum super food or foods and a good quality multivitamin and mineral supplement. There are a number of products on the market but the best three in my opinion are Spirulina, Seagreens (or any other blue green algae like Klamath Lake of Chorella) and wheatgerm. Pre-sprouted grains are also good, particularly barley.. The vitamin and mineral supplement I recommend is Basic Health from Bioscience. It is an excellent broad spectrum multivitamina and mineral with unique and special enzyme activation formula.

This will add all the vitamins and mineral you need to your diet, except vitamin C. To get the benefits of all of these products, try the following smoothie recipe, fruit is added to also add vitamin C.

Purchase the following. 2 of these products can be purchased from the Natural Health Marketing website, just follow the links below.

  1. Hawaiian Spirulina powder.

  2. Seagreens

  3. Wheatgerm (available from most good health food stores and supermarkets).

  4. Avocado

  5. Fresh Fruit.

  6. A large smoothie cup or sports cup with a sealable lidi f you don’t already have one. It is good to have a cup with a spout so you can drink this smoothie without spilling any, it’s kind of messy.

Please note the English desert spoon is equivalent to the American table spoon. So if any of our American cousins happen to come to this website you are welcome to use this recipe too.

Put 1 heaped desert spoon of Hawaiian Spirulina, 1 heaped desert spoon of Seagreens, and 5 heaped desert spoons of wheat germ into a blender. Add 1 small or half a large avocado, fill the blender three quarters of the way with fruit, add half a normal tea cup of still mineral water. Put the lid on the blender and seal, blend until the Spirulina and Seagreens are dissolved, this is important as neither are water soluble If you want to avoid the fruit skin then strain the mixture. If the smoothie is too thick add more water and blend, if too thin, add more avocado and blend. I like it to be the same consistency as the thick milkshakes from Macdonalds, minus the sugar, colourings and artificial ingredients of course, but make it as thick or thin as you want as long as the ingredients are the same.

This is a high powered natural green wholefood supplement that will kick start your day and give you the extra nutrition and enzymes you need. It is packed with antioxidants. I designed this smoothie myself and take it every day. I lost 135 pounds over 5 years taking this each morning in place of breakfast and played a big part. I don’t feel hungry for hours.

Hope this article gave you some useful info. Let me know via my website if you found tis useful and if you used the used the smoothie recipe, what result you got. I am interested in the feedback, it worked for me but I want to know if it worked for others too.


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