More than a bad taste in the mouth- part 2, antioxidants

In the first part of this article |I covered a little bit about what Spirulina can do and where it comes from, as well as it’s two most notable nutrients, namely complete protein content and natural Beta carotene.

This article is a short one about the overall antioxidant content of Spirulina as Beta carotene is just one of the potent antioxidants in this wholefood super food, though perhaps the most important.

Spirulina provides a total; of 6 potent antioxidants, more than any other natural product apart from blue green algae. It also contain 3 of the rare antioxidants that are beneficial to the eyes.

Apart from Beta carotene Spirulina also contains the antioxidants Zeaxanthin, Cryptoxanthin, Phycocyanin Lutein and is also rich in Chlorophyll that also has antioxidant properties.

As mentioned in the previous article, antioxidants are important as they remove chemicals from the body called free radicles that have an unstable oxygen molecule. They are produced as part of normal metabolism and must be cleaned from the body to prevent cellular damage. If you have a diet consisting of processed foods and little fresh fruit and vegetables you will not efficiently clean thses free radicals from your system. Also factors like checmicals in the air and water increase free radicals in the system.

 Zeaxanthin and Lutein

These are similar in chemical structure, apart from being potent overall antioxidants they are capable of crossing the blood/brain barrier and benefiting eye health. Not all antioxidants can do this, other notable antioxidants that can are Astaxanthin (derived from red marine algae) and COQ10.


Like beta carotene, this is a potent antioxidant that can also be converted into retinol, a form of vitamin A. Retinol is also good for the eyes and has a positive effect on night vision among other benefits.

Phycocyanin and Chlorohyll

The blue pigment in the “blue green” of algae and cyanobacteria like Spirulina. It is known to have potent antioxidant properties and has a role in producing chlorophyll in plants (this is a green pigment). More research is needed on these.

So, as you can see, Spirulina has a range of antioxidants in it and will therefore prevent cell damage, for the ladies you should know this damage can particularly express itself in skin aging. It is also clear that several of the antioxidants are particularly beneficial for the eyes.


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