How to REALLY get all of your nutrients from food

We are advised over and over again by doctors and nutritionists that we can get all of our nutrients from food, we are told that vitamin supplements are usually unnecessary, but is this true?  Or is this one of those convenient mantras that re convenient for the food industry and the pharmaceuticals? I am not going to elaborate too much on the politics of this but we can examine some little known facts (outside of the natural health industry) about the food we eat.

Q. Can I get all the necessary nutrients in enough quantity for good health from my food?

A. That depends on how it is grown, where you buy it and where it comes from.

Q. If I eat the right food, should I still take vitamin supplements.

A. I believe so, but it depends on what supplements and if they are of a high enough quality.

Let’s look at this a bit more closely. There are 2 main reasons to be very careful about the food you buy and why you may need to purchase health supplements.

1. You may not be aware of this practice, but supermarkets and big food chains will always buy in bulk from the cheapest sources, and they use a little trick to fool you into thinking you are getting fresh food.. Their aim is to make the maximum profit from the minimum purchase price or to undercut their rivals. Of course this can cut profits with expensive shipping costs, but if the method oif shipping is too slow the food is already way into it’s sell by date by the time it reaches the shelves. So the food industry has come up with a n ingenious little trick to overcome this. The produce is picked or harvested BEFORE it is ripe and transported in dry, cool containers. This means they finish ripening while they are en route.

Now here is the catch:

In order to fully mature with all the nutrients this food needs to ripen properly, while taking all the nutrients from the soil.

This means a lot lot of your food appears to be fully ripe but does not have the full nutrient content it would if allowed to ripen naturally.

I remember years ago , I was holiday in Cyprus, I was driving with my friend who was a Cypriot native and for the first time in my life I saw an orange tree, simply growing wild by the side of the road. So I asked him to stop. It had fully ripe oranges on it and right while I was standing there one of them happened to fall off. I picked it up, peeled it and ate it. Well, I have never felt such a rush of energy from any food, or any multivitamin than I felt at that moment, I was bouncing with energy for the rest of the day.

What I had in fact experienced, for the first time in my life, was a fully ripened piece of fruit that had grown on volcanic soil and was therefore full of nutrients, especially minerals.

This experience changed my viewpoint on food for life.

2. Non organic farming methods, especially intensive farming starve the food grown of minerals. If crops are grown year after year on the same soil it does not get a chance to regenerate properly. In the old days farmers used to allow fields to go to fallow and regenerate, but the rush to produce volumes of food cheaply mean the quality has suffered.

3. Artificial fertilisers, insecticides and herbicides that are used in farming as part of the growing process, as well as chemicals in the water , food colourings, E additives, cleaning fluids, waste drugs, and preservatives mean that our environment is saturated with chemicals that are being ingested in our food and water and absorbed through our skin.. We now live in a true biochemical society. What this means is that extra nutrition is needed to rid the body of these biochemicals. Some vitamins and minerals (Niacin or vitamin B5 is an example, MSM is another) have a detoxifying effect and more is needed in the modern diet for the body to cope.

The solution:

There are two real solutions to this problem.

a. The first, and probably the best, solution is to go on a completely organic diet. This is hard as you would need to research truly organic food, as the legal definition of organic is different to the true definition. In the UK, food that is certified by the Soil Association or the Organic Food Federation is good but it is quite expensive to get the real stuff.

b. The second solution is to take natural wholefood super foods along with your normal food. In my opinion the four most nourishing super foods are Spirulina, Seaweed, or other types of blue green algae, especially Seagreens, pre-sprouted barley and wheatgerm. Now there are lots of opinions about super foods, but in my opinion these products have the most balanced and densest nutrient profiles. They contain lots of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and trace elements, in a natural form and well balanced for optimum health.

I will be doing further articles about all of this, but in the meantime start changing your diet to either of these methods to improve your health and wellness.


About healthandfitness2015

I run a website in which I have selected what are, in my opinion, the best health supplements on the market. I supply to the whole of Europe. I blog about health issues, and specific supplements I run. I make a little money from selling these suppelements but am not making a fortune, I believe pasionately in the benefits of high quality health supplements but do need to cover my expenses.
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