All about enzymes

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Enzymes, along with hormones and the nervous system are the control mechanisms of the body. Hormones are the chemical signals that dictate all biochemical activity in the body, the nerves carry the electricity that powers the boy, and enzymes accelerate chemical reactions so that metabolism can occur quick enough in the cells for the body to function. It is important to know about enzymes as many of them can only be obtained from raw healthy vegetables, another reason why this is an essential part of a balanced diet.

Enzymes are a type of protein that accelerates chemical reactions. Bacteria produce a lot of enzymes in nature and they play an important role in millions of chemical reactions.

Metabolism simply means the process by which chemical reactions occur in the human body. The word is derived from the Greek words metabolē, meaning “change” and  metabolismos, “outthrow”).

Every cell in the human body is engaged in metabolism and every day the human body engages in thousands of metabolic processes. It is extracting nutrients from food and converting it into energy, it is engaging in respiration and pumping blood round the body, the list is too long to record in full here in this article.

These chemical processes are vital for life and without enzymes to speed them up the body is unable to function.

Enzymes are derived from 2 sources, the glands in the body and food. If you are healthy and have a reasonable diet your body will produce a lot of your enzymes from the glands.

Not enough research has been done on enzymes derived from food to determine if they have a role in human health , there are about 2,000 known enzymes that can be obtained from raw vegetable matter. Only a fraction of these have been studied by scientists but in my opinion their importance will become more and more clear as they are researched into the future. The sensible person may decide to “cover all their bases” in the meantime by ensuring they have as many as possible in their diet. Many of these enzymes may perform a vital role in human health. Time will tell.

One thing we do know about enzymes are that each has a very specific function as regards a specific metabolic process. It is also known that metabolic disorders such as arthritis, diabetes and dementia (to name a few) have a number of possible causes but one of the triggers can definitely the deficiency of a specific enzyme.

The most researched of the dietary enzymes are the digestive enzymes, these are enzymes that specifically involved in metabolism of food so it can be properly utilised by the body. There is quite a long list of these enzymes that each metabolise a different type of food. They need to be present in the mouth, small intestine and stomach so food can be digested properly. The effect of a deficiency in these enzymes can cause a wide range of ailments as efficient digestion is central to the overall health of the body.

Enzymes can be damaged or destroyed by a number of factors.

  1. All enzymes, whether from food or produced by the body tend to decline with age.
  2. From a dietary viewpoint all enzymes are affected by an over acidic bodily system, this is mainly caused by eating the wrong foods like too much sugar, trans fats and grains.
  3. Chemicals in the food and environment can destroy enzymes.
  4. Enzymes that are normally obtained from food can be depleted by poor growing methods (intensive farming that reduce the health of the plants), poor harvesting methods, poor storage and food processing. Cooking food destroys them as enzymes are destroyed by heat.

It is therefore essential to eat a healthy diet that alkalizes the body and to eat food that is organic, healthy, grown in rich soil and free from chemicals.

Digestive enzymes are widely available as a health supplement but raw fruit and vegetables are rich in these types of enzymes. Therefore raw fruit should be eaten for digestive enzymes and many vegetables are rich in enzymes. Not all vegetables are best eaten raw but a proportion of your diet should also consist of appropriate raw vegetables that are healthy and organic.

Spirulina and Seaweed supplements are very rich in enzymes, take the raw powder but make sure it is produced in a way to preserve as many of the enzymes as possible. Your supplier should be able to tell you how their brand is produced.

Both the above are the highest sources of natural enzymes that I am aware of.

In summary, we cannot obtain optimum health without enzymes as they are basic to every metabolic process in the body. It is not enough to just eat the right food to do this, what is needed is the right type of food that has been grown and processed in the right way. Adjust your diet accordingly.

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Natren Probiotics for Europe

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The truth about health through proper diet and nutrition

Welcome to this article about healthy eating. Many people reading this article will be pretty clued in and nothing I tell you will be much of a surprise, but I am also aware that a lot of this information is not freely available and, frankly, you won’t get the full benefits from food or health supplements without knowing these facts.

A good diet cannot GUARANTEE you good health in the future but it does reduce your chances of falling foul of the so called “silent killers” (heart disease, strokes and cancer).

In this article I hope to show you what and how you need to eat to be really healthy and the role that health supplements can play in this.

Some Basic Facts

The following statements are absolutely and categorically FALSE.

a) The only way to achieve health and longevity is through good diet and exercise.

Health and longevity is achieved through a combination of diet, good genetics, the degree to which the body is able to cope with mutation and damage from environmental poisons that the body ingests from food, the air and in water (the most common being pesticides, herbicides, pollution and radiation) and mental or spiritual factors (how happy you are, how free of guilt you are etc.).

Other lifestyle factors apart from diet also play a role, such as exposure to STD’s via a promiscuous lifestyle or engaging in casual sex, unnecessary exposure to harmful microorganisms by failing to keep yourself and your living spaces clean, etc.

As we are only really scratching the surface in understanding the health effects of some of these factors, then anyone who promises GUARANTEED health and longevity through one or more of these is at best misguided and at worst a con man. You can of course reduce the risk of poor health by improving one or more of these factors, but that’s an entirely different statement.

b) Health supplements can be used as a substitute for a balanced diet for health and longevity.

There is no single health supplement; multivitamin or even super food that provides every single nutrient that has an important role in human health. The closest yet discovered, that is commercially available,  are Spirulina and blue green algae (such as Klamath Lake, Chorella and edible seaweed is a type of blue green algae also), but even though that food gets pretty close it does not provide everything the body needs. The body needs vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients to be properly fed. There are over 60000 enzymes that are obtained from plants, over 60 antioxidants, (though some are also classed as vitamins, co enzymes, herbs and other types of nutrients, but we only know the importance of a few of them), and over 600 phytonutrients or phytochemicals in total have been discovered (including antioxidants that are also classed as phytonutrients).

It is not possible for a manufactured health supplements to duplicate this highly complex system that has taken billions of years to develop. We also know that enzymes, vitamins and different phytonutrients work together complimenting and increasing their benefits to health and this is important for the absorption and effectiveness of nutrients but not enough research has been done to really understand these complex processes and relationships.

Suffice to say that this also means that, for this reason, a manufactures health supplement or single food or natural health supplement cannot get even close to substituting for a varied diet rich in different types of fruits and vegetables.

c) All of the necessary nutrients for health and longevity can be achieved simply by purchasing food in the regular shops.

Now this is interesting because it is the mantra I hear from doctors, nutritionists and “experts|” on the internet.

You will notice I use the expression “from regular shops” The reason I say this is because if you are prepared to go to a lot of effort you can in fact get all the nutrition you need from food and this is a very valid route to go but it depends on the following:

a) The foods is grown in good soil conditions.
b) The plant is allowed to fully mature.
c) The plant is as fresh as possible.
d) The plant is free of artificial chemicals, poisons, heavy metals and radiation (yes this is a problem in some parts of the world).
e) You ensure 50-60% of what you eat is plant food (fruit and vegetables) and at least 50% of THAT should be appropriate raw plant food.

In other words the health of the plant you are eating will determine how much nutrition you receive, the plant also absorbs whatever is on the soil or is sprayed on it, passing it onto your body. The raw food ensures you are getting the maximum vitamins, enzymes and phytonutrients.

Most food is grown intensively, using artificial fertilisers and chemical insecticides and herbicides. As the crops are grown year on year without resting the soil or allowing nitrogen fixing plants like grass to grow on it and replenishing it with rotting vegetation or manure the plants a deficient in minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients.

So why should I take Health Supplements?

When I talk about health supplements I am referring to nutrition products that created by companies to provide boost of healthy nutrients to a person’s diet. I am not including herbs in this as they are natural medicines rather than health supplements. Health supplements can be man made, as in vitamin supplements or a natural raw food such as Spirulina or Seaweed or can be a combination of any of these two types/ While, as we have already covered, supplements cannot replace a varied and balanced diet they do have their uses:, which are:

Man made vitamin and nutrition formulas:

These are vitamins, minerals and other supplement formulas that have be made by companies or isolated in a non natural way.

a) To boost a healthy balanced diet by ensuring that the body is getting enough of the essential nutrients.
b) To provide extra essential nutrients where food quality, harvesting and storage reduces the amounts that can be obtained from normal diet ( as in much of the supermarket fruit and vegetables).
c) To remedy a deficiency in an essential nutrient as advised by a qualified health practitioner.
d) To remedy a specific health problem or support a medical program as prescribed by a qualified health practitioner.
e) To provide the need for extra specific essential nutrients due to a specific genetic requirement of your body.

Natural Nutrition Supplements

Natural Nutrition Supplements are FOOD or combinations of foods or natural products like probiotics that provide essential vitamins minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients or a specific health benefit. They are therefore the best supplements for overall health and wellness, containing hundreds if not thousands of different healthy nutritional compounds including enzymes, vitamins minerals, antioxidants and other phytonutrients that it is impossible to replicate in man made supplements.

Using supplements badly

None of the above supplements will be of any use if you have a diet consisting mostly of processed food and laden with bad fats and refined carbohydrates like refined sugar. Boosting your diet with supplements won’t help much if you are on a suicide course with your diet, so if that’s a problem, handle THAT as a priority.

A word about natural essential nutrients.

Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids obtained from food are absorbed more readily into the system and utilised by the body when they are obtained from food, as that is the natural way to take them. Bodies have evolved over billions of years and have developed a complex relationship with food that we have only really scratched the surface of in terms of understanding. For this reason natural nutrients are best for general health.

Certain types of super foods are available that are extremely rich in enzymes and phytonutrients; there are quite a few on the market. They are not what you would choose to eat for dinner but the best ones in my opinion are Spirulina Blue Green Algae and Seagreens. All of these foods or even a combination of them will give a tremendous boost in Vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients. Spirulina is particularly rich in phytonutrients including many antioxidants and it is the richest source of several of them including beta carotene. Spirulina has a huge nutrient profile but is particularly high in complete protein, amino acids (which are used by the body to form enzymes) and iron.


The body requires the natural food and a diet containing all the food types, protein, unrefined carbohydrate, natural oils of all types, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Research into the complex relationship between food and the body is in it’s early states, there are possibly 6-8,000 different phytonutrients and enzymes that are either obtained form food or are manufactures using compounds found in food. The point being that, even when a nutrient is not essential, is made by the body, some sort of phytonutrient or enzyme that IS derived form food is involved in the manufacturing process.

Eat fruit and vegetables, avoid refined carbohydrates, manufactured fats, sugar and eat lots of vegetables, a lot of it raw. That’s the way to reduce health risks through diet and nutrition.

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All about Vitamin A

In this blog are the following facts about Vitamin A

This is a free blog provided by Natural Health Marketing. 

In this article: 


  • What is Vitamin A ?
  • Vitamin A benefits
  • Foods riich in Vitamin A
  • Signs of Vitamin A deficiency.
  • When Vitamin A supplementsmay be needed.
  • Vitamin A side effects and cautions,
  • Buy Vitamin A 

What is Vitamin A ? 

Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin and is therefore easily absorbed into the system. It has 2 forms, retinol and beta-carotene. Vitamin A is a true vitamin, meaning you can only get it from food. Retinol comes mainly from food sources, beta-carotene is an orange plant pigment and is therefore derived from plant sources. The 2 forms have different health benefits. Both are potent antioxidants, but  betacarotene is the more potent of the two in this respect. 

Vitamin A benefits 

Vitamin A benefits the immune system as it strengthens mucous membranes, the lining of the eyes, respiratory, urinary and intestinal tracts, all entry points for harmful microbes. Retinol benefits the eyes, improving the ability to see in the dark, vitamin A also makes the skin stronger and slows the signs of aging. Vitamin A cream is a popular skin treatment. It replaces worn out tissue in the bones and teeth and has an important role in the reproductive organs of both men and women. Vitamin A, and particularly beta-carotene is a very potent antioxidant. 

Foods rich in Vitamin A

Liver, peppers (paprika, red pepper, cayenne, red chillie powder), sweet potatoes, carrots, dark green leafy vegetables (kale, turnip greens, mustard greens, dandelion greens, spinach), dried herbs, butternut squash, lettuce, dried apricots, cantaloupes. 

Signs of vitamin A deficiency. 

Itching burning and inflammation of eyelids, followed by numerous eye conditions and eventual blindness. Difficulty seeing in dim light, non functioning tear glands, spots in front of the eyes, poor digestion (due to the mucus membranes drying up), reduced bone density, lowered resistance to infection due to lowered protection from mucus membranes. 

When vitamin A supplements may be needed. 

If you are over 50 you may benefit from a supplement of vitamin A. It can be used to reduce the symptoms of serious diseases like malaria, HIV, it may help women with heavy menstrual periods, vaginal infections, generally boosting the immune system, to help with the effects of diabetes and used in creams to treat skin conditions. 

Vitamin A side effects and cautions. 

Vitamin A is safe if taken at recommended levels but if taken at a toxic level can cause fatigue, decreased appetite, nausea, vomiting, headache, irritability, dry or cracking lips and skin, hair loss. 

Buy a vitamin A supplement.

Buy Beta-carotene supplement.

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This is a pain in the feet

If you are experiencing red toes, tingling in the extremities and soreness as well as unusual tiredness you may be suffering from impaired circulation.

Circulation is the common term for the Circulatory System. This is the bodily system that transports oxygen, lymph and nutrients to the organs and the rest of the body and carbon dioxide and waste products to the appropriate parts of the body for survival. The circulatory system consists of the heart, blood vessels and the blood. Malfunctioning of the circulatory system can cause the following symptoms; they are a result of insufficient oxygen and vital nutrients not reaching the areas of the body where they are needed.

Sharp pains, numbness or both and/or swelling and soreness in the extremities (the toes, fingers or penis). If you have no feeling in patches of these body parts then this is usually  sign of poor circulation. This can be dangerous as you can injure these parts and they can become infected without experiencing pain, pain being the warning signal.

Slow healing

Feeling chilled, needing lots of extra clothing or a much warmer room than you are used to.

ED (Erectile Dysfunction) or lack of sensitivity in the sexual organs for ladies.

Varicose veins

Extreme tiredness, despite plenty of rest or sleep.

Headaches (and you don’t knowingly suffer from migraines).

Blotches on the skin

Shortness of breath

Redness and soreness in the extremities (the toes, fingers or penis).

Important: Poor circulation and the above symptoms can themselves be a symptom of other more serious problems such as heart disease or diabetes, so please see your doctor first.

Lifestyle and dietary causes of poor circulation:


Long term lack of exercise

Too much processed food and saturated fats that can lead to blocked arteries.


Long term cramped working conditions or other lifestyle conditions that cause you to sit in a cramped condition.

Elevated blood sugar caused by too much refined carbohydrates in the diet (get a Diabetes check if this is the case).

Iron and protein deficiency, can cause shortage of oxygen in the cells.

Natural remedies:


Of course, if you smoke I would always advise you give that up. I am not going to go into the many health problems caused by this product, but it also impedes your circulation.


Failing to exercise for  a while won’t result in poor circulation but long term lack of exercise, even if your weight is normal will.

I am not talking here about going to the Gym twice a week. For improved circulation it does not need to be heavy exercise, it needs to be some sort of sustained movement, daily. Walk to work if you can, or get a bicycle. If work is too far away choose to walk or cycle to town or to fetch your lunch rather than drive. Walk briskly and ensure your heart is worked and you are a little breathless.  You don’t have to run a marathon or go on fifty mile bike rides (unless you want to), just 30 minutes of brisk exercise each day that works the heart and pumps the blood round the body.


We are all familiar with avoiding cakes and white bread, processed meats and fruit juice (the one that says “from concentrate”), so just get on with it. What may surprise you is that margarine, buttermilk spreads and “spreadable” butter are worse for you than eating real butter and using lard, as long as those two are used in moderation. Butter and lard are natural fats, they will clog the arteries if you eat too much but margarine, buttermilk spreads and spreadable butter are processed in such a way that the body cannot digest it well and these all clog the arteries. Eat fresh meat and vegetables and lots of raw vegetables and fruit.


Pretty obvious this one and the exercise will help as well. I can talk endlessly about the damage obesity does to your health.


This cannot be avoided, but make sure you do periodic leg stretching and walk about a little.


I am not talking here about elevated blood sugar related to Diabetes or pre-onset Diabetes; this is a serious condition that requires treatment. Blood sugar levels can also be chronically elevated by eating too much sugar or starch that converts to glucose in the system.  This impedes circulation and can cause chronic circulation problems

Curb the amount of refined sugar and starch ion your diet to prevent this and take exercise.

Those lifestyle changes should help with minor circulation problems and handle that tiredness and soreness etc. But there are also a few supplements that may help.

Ginkgo Biloba This is a herb that can be used to improve circulation, especially blood flow to the brain.

Capsicum Pepper (Cayenne Pepper) and Garlic. The best circulation booster is taking Cayenne or Capsicum pepper in combination with RAW garlic. They are both good circulation boosters as well as having other benefits but combined they are particularly good. Do not take garlic if you are on other heart medication as it is a potent blood thinner, so check with your doctor.

L-Arginine, this boosts Nitric Oxide which helps with circulation.

I hope this advice was useful.

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Secrets of Illness- Are you lacking antioxidants in your diet?


You hear a lot about supplements called antioxidants, while most people have a vague idea that they remove these things called “free radicals” from the body and somehow they can relieve a number of ailments, slow aging and benefit the skin.

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The secrets of illness


ImageI am about to release a series of blogs called “the secrets of illness“. Now many people believe they know what the secrets of illness are.


Some will tell you that illness is under control but this is a little deceptive. What is under control is the management of many serious illnesses, the cure of some and early detection to manage them. In other words technology exists to detect illnesses early and certain treatments exist that can manage and sometimes cure conditions. The management and cures, such as chemotherapy and other pharmaceutical drugs frequently have serious side effects and cause a massive reduction in quality of life for those being treated. While these treatments save lives they never fully restore the person’s quality of life to what is was before.


While these treatments are vital when serious illness occurs, the question should be asked, what can be done to reduce the risk of the illness occurring in the first place? Research into this field is woefully inadequate. The Pharmaceutical industry is really only interested in turning a profit for it’s shareholders. The expensive treatments, drugs and technology are what they sell to make that profit, so they are likely to take little interest in illness prevention.



Simple prevention strategies do exist to reduce the risk of the big five killers which are: heart disease,stroke , cancer, lung and liver disease Other diseases that are manageable often cause misery and early death, Diabetes is an example of this. Now, I am careful to say “reduce the risk” because there is no treatment or preventative measure that can GUARANTEE you a long and healthy life. This is because illness is caused by six factors, some can be monitored and cured, others cannot, some you can take measures to reduce the risk, and sometimes there is is just not much you can do.


The six causes of illness are:


Parasitic organisms, including bacteria, viruses, parastic amoeba (like malaria), parasitic yeasts (like candida that leads to thrush).

Genetic: Genetic diseases like Hemophilia, Cystic Fibrosis etc, are caused by faulty, missing or malformed genes which are passed onto a child by their parents. Tiny anomalies or faults in your genes can also exist undetected, making a person more prone to illnesses or genes can be mutated by pathogens, poisons or radiation. Cancer can also a be classed as a malfunctioning of a genetic code


Poisoning: caused by the ingestion of contaminated air, water or food. This can of course be an immediate illness or one that can occur over many years or a lifetime, slowly poisoning the body and causing it to malfunction.


Mental or Spiritual problems: Lots of research shows that being unhappy, “depression” or anxiety can trigger illness.


Physical injury: An accident can cause damage that can be immediate or the impact can cause a slow malfunction of part of the body.


Poor Diet. Failing to give the body proper nutrition can cause illness. Eating too much of the wrong food causes obesity and Diabetes, eating too little and getting insufficient nutrition can make you sick. Eating enough but failing to eat the right foods can make you sick.


Parasitic organisms are more prone to affect a person in the presence of genetic defects, poisoning, physical injury, mental or spiritual problems or a poor diet or a combination of two or more of those factors.


Technology is being developed to deal with faulty genes, but avoiding poisons and a good diet can reduce the risk of mutations like cancer.


We live in a biochemical environment in the 21st century, poisons, artificial colourings, E numbers,pesticides, carbon monoxide and benzine are everywhere.; It is very difficulty to avoid, but regular detoxing and eating organic food and making sure your diet has plenty of nutrition can help reduce, but not entirely eradicate this problem.


Living a full and ethical life and stick to a good solid moral code will help prevent mental and spiritual problems, but there are also various other solutions on offer. Take your pick, it is not the purpose of this health blog to advise you on that.


Physical injury is always a risk but poor diet affects concentration and avoiding drugs and alcohol can reduce the risk of this. Unhappy people are also more prone to accidents.


Consume a good range of nutritious organic foods or add super food supplements to your diet to improve your nutritional intake to take advantage of a good diet to prevent illness.


By far the most common and serious of these causes of illness are poor diet and mental or spiritual problems. There is in fact some evidence that these can also cause genetic mutations and malfunctions. These two also weaken the immune system and the general health and strength of the person making them more susceptible to the effects of all the other and more likely to die. Of these two the one most like to make you sick are Mental; or Spiritual Problems.


So that is why I am interested in nutrition. It is one of the big two that help prevent illness and protect you against the other one. I will have something to say in my blogs about mental or spiritual problems as it is the most important and I will have some warning for you on that one. I might won’t be talking about solution on my blog as this is a health and nutrition blog, but the things that definitely DON’T work will be mentioned, this might help send you in the right direction, if you haven’t already got that one covered.


I hope you found this little summary interesting.




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